Tea Party At Home

We propose to master the original format for holding the holidays – a tea party. High-quality tea, exquisite sweets, elegant service, and decor will create a unique atmosphere that will leave only the best memories.

Tea party at home: the organization of the festival

A tea party is an unusual format for celebrations for us. Many people immediately question whether this is a drink tasting or some special ritual?

Let’s reassure you right away: the home tea party has nothing to do with the lengthy and highly regulated Japanese ceremony. It’s only about an alternative way of spending the holidays.

Thanks to first-class tea, quality desserts, and appropriate table decoration, I will remember a birthday or meeting of old friends for a long time. Well, you will find everything you need to organize such an event in the shopping centers and chain shops.

Tradition and modern etiquette

An European and Asian homeland of tea drinking traditions in Great Britain. High society gathered in the house of some aristocrats and conducted small talk, drinking tea. This event was called Afternoon Tea.

Representatives of other estates also had their tea parties. Such events were called High Tea. Such tea drinking was not distinguished by the sophistication or the elegance of serving. In addition, there was simple food on the table – cheese, crackers, and bread.

The modern tea party at home also has several traditions. In particular:

. A scheduled event is warned so that guests can adjust their plans.

. Personalized invitations are sent to the tea party participants held at home. The best option is if they are handwritten. You can attach a teabag to the postcard – this will immediately set the guests in the right mood.

. A tea party at home is scheduled for the afternoon.

. This event format assumes a minimum number of guests. Therefore, invite one to five people.

Tea Party

Tea Party

Preparing for the event

To organize a tea party at home, you don’t have to put in tremendous effort. But you will need to take care of the availability:

. Good tea (of course, there can be no talk of packaged versions in this case), preferably several varieties;

. A beautiful service with a large teapot. If you have stocked up on several drinks, prepare another teapot. You can use a modern glass teapot;

. Tablecloths, linen napkins with beautiful patterns;

. The appropriate decor of the table, the area around it, primarily if the planned event is dedicated to a specific event;

. Sweets – cupcakes, muffins, muffins, biscuits, cakes;

. Snacks, Of course, sweets should prevail on the table, but after a few hours of communication, guests will want to eat something more serious. Therefore, make sandwiches in advance; decorate the dish with cheese and meat slices.

Have a great home tea party!


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