Walnut powder for hair

Walnut is not just a delicacy that can only feed; it is a real tree of life that gives strength to a person and restores health to the body. Walnuts, like other nuts, are covered in a protective shell. People usually neglect and throw away the surface, not knowing all the beautiful properties of this part of the product, including in the field of cosmetics.

Composition and benefits of walnut shells

The presence of tannins marks the protective shell of the nut. Still, the composition is again formed by vitamins, coumarins, alkaloids, steroids, and phenolic carboxylic acids. The properties of a particular shell help to include the product in various medicinal tinctures. Walnut shells are also added to combinations of scrub and peel, a remedy for healing wounds and speeding up the treatment of certain skin diseases. This product cleans blood vessels and treats cervical erosion, cough, urinary incontinence, wounds, eczema, colitis, gastritis, etc. Of course, consult your doctor if you desire to improve your health with the help of shells, especially in serious diseases.

In cosmetology, the nut massages the skin well, cleans it and improves blood circulation, cares for rough areas, helps to smooth the skin, promotes skin regeneration, eliminates dead cells, and soothes the skin layer in the presence of irritation.

Use of walnut shell for hair

At home, it is unlikely that they can grind shells into a powder system, and you should not try so that you do not have to buy new equipment later because of the failure. Fortunately, you can buy ready-made products in online stores with instructions.

Women widely use peanut shells as a single powder as a safe way to make hair brown or darken from its natural tone, to give softness and shine; it is also in demand among dark-haired and fair-hairless women. A powder of dry spice is added to henna, grinding Indigo leaves to obtain a product.

When buying crushed walnut shells, look at the product’s composition, which should only consist of the body, and follow the rules for storing and using this product. It is not recommended to keep the powder near air conditioning units. For the hair treatment to be only beneficial, avoid the contact of the powder with the eyes (if this has not been avoided, be sure to rinse the eyes with water), and do not consume without visiting a doctor. Like other cosmetic components, should keep the shells out of the reach of children.

Consider that the coloring result depends on several factors, including the natural hair color, structure, type, duration of the procedure, and the temperature of the water used.

To get a color paste, you need to weigh the amount of powder, fill it with hot water, and stir the components until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Let the finished product brew for literally 30 minutes to cool down to a comfortable temperature for use.

50-100 grams of powder for short hair will be enough for medium length – 150 grams for long hair – 250 grams. Can Deloitte recipe with strong tea, coffee, or cocoa? This movement will allow you to get the hair of dark brown shades; you can also get better results by adding henna of various hues.

Change into older clothes as vegetable dyes can quickly stain your clothes, including your skin. If paint gets on your skin, try to remove the resulting stain immediately. You are applying the dye well to the strands, using a special brush or toothpaste for this purpose, and wearing gloves. After dying your hair at the roots and ends, wrap the strands with a plastic cap or bag to retain heat. For a more effective result, wrap a towel around your head. The dyeing time is 1 to 3 hours, depending on the desired color intensity. When the time is up, rinse your hair with water and shampoo.

Bought hair products with shell powder

Suppose you are interested in the properties of a protective shell made of walnut. In that case, you can pay attention to the following products.



Which are presented in online stores?

  • Exfoliating Cream Conditioner – a product designed to improve the condition of the scalp covered with dandruff. The scrub not only eliminates dandruff but also nourishes the hair follicles with beneficial substances, strengthens them, and protects them from drying out. The product is known for its content of natural ingredients, including walnut shell powder and castor oil. Wash your hair, massage the cream scrub on a damp scalp and rinse with warm water after a few minutes. Volume – 1 liter
  • Anti-dandruff cleansing products – a gentle product containing granules extracted from walnut shells, mint, chamomile, aloe, and thyme extracts, and gently cleanses the scalp from dirt dandruff, and dead cells. Volume – 100 ml
  • Shampoo cleans the scalp, strengthens and revitalizes the hair, and gives it shine, strength and a dark color. The shampoo is suitable for damaged, dry hair and contains walnuts, Indian gooseberries, soap nuts, etc. Volume – 120 ml


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